Eye & Me Lash and Skin Bar

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Brow Bar

Brow Shaping   $40

Discover the right brow shape for you. Give your brows more arch or make them thinner.

Brow Cleaning   $18

Just a cleaning around the brow area, keeping the shape you already have.

Men's Brow Wax    $22.00

Brow Tweeze   $22

Brow Tint   $15

Make your brows stand out and get rid of the natural highlights.

Vegetable based dye, safe to be applied on brows, lasts about 3 weeks

Brow Extensions 75% Restoration    $280.00

Individual synthetic hair strands recreate lush brows that last up to three weeks. Non invasive and no pain.



If you have questions about any of our services and need more information ,please feel free  to schedule a complementary consultation.

Microblading First Session (no Touchup included)    $599.00

Microblading (includes 30 days touchup)    $799.00

Creates, reshape and corrects brows with a semi-permanent fine hair stroke. Last up to two years.

Microblading 6 Month Touchup    $249.00

Microblading 12 Month Touchup    $449.00

Microblading 18 Month Touchup    $649.00

Male Microblading    $950.00

Microblading Fusion + Shading    $1,200.00

Semi Permanent Makeup


Baby Eye Liner Top and Bottom    $650.00

Baby Eye Liner Top    $475.00


Eye Liner Bottom    $325.00


Eye Liner Wing    $675.00

Lips Full Shade of Color    $775.00


Lips Liner    $575.00


Lips Shade of Color    $725.00

Ombre Brows    $799.00

Tattoo Removal    (Price depends on size of the tattoo) 2 Sessions  staring at  $880.00


Lash Bar

Lash Lift   $65

Keratin Lift , gives curl and enhances length of your natural lashes, lasts 6 to 8 weeks.

Lash Tint $30


Lash color enhancement. Gives you dark, full lashes without mascara, we use a vegetable base product.

Glam Lashes     $55.00

Group of lashes that give you a nice mascara look or a glamour look.

These lashes last up to one week. Takes only 30 minutes to be apply!

*These are not individual extensions.


Lash Removal    Starting at  $35.00 up to $50.00


Eyelash Extensions

Glamour Set    $190.00

Every one of your natural lashes will get one extension, giving you a full look. You can choose either Glamorous

or natural. You can also choose if you desire every lash or every other lash with and extension. Ideal for first your first lash experience.

Synthetic Mink  gives you length and volume or just get that mascara look.

Bottom Lashes    $99.00


2"D" Lashes     $250

Very dramatic and full, two synthetic  lightweight lashes on each natural lash. 

Volume Lash Set    $285.00

Ideal for long term use, every one of your natural lashes get a hand craft fan with 3 to 6 super fine and soft extensions

depending the desired look, giving you an amazing fluffy volume that can last up to 4 weeks. You and everyone

will fall in love with your lashes.


Mega Volume Lashes $350

The most dramatic volume up to 8 extensions on each one of your lashes.

Skin Therapy

HydraFacial MD   $149

Cleanse and Peel, Extract and Hydrate, Fuse and Protect.

Hydrafacial  MDwith Neck & Decollete $249.00

Platinum Hydrafacial MD $264.00

Includes an extra booster to help fine lines and wrinkles  or  diminish dark spots.


HydraFacial MD Neck, Decollete and shoulders $325.00


Lymphatic Drainage $65.00

Helps with swelling and detoxifies the skin giving you a define jaw line and cheek bones.

Oxygen Infusion   $129

Plumps the skin with vitamins and antioxidants, diminishes wrinkles and gives you a radiant glow.

Microdermabrasion   $110

Smooths texture and improves hyper-pigmentation with a deep exfoliation.

Your choice of Crystals or diamond tip.

Oxygen Infusion and Microdermabrasion    $149.00

Amazing refreshing facial that will wake your skin up!

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial   $99

Get rid of blackheads, let your skin breathe!

Chemical Peels   $110

Say goodbye to wrinkles with a special blend using Lactic ,Salcylic and Mandelic.

 Recommended in a series of 6 treatments.

Glow Peel   $70

 Glycolic that will awaken your skin in minutes.

TCA Peel  $145

At least  on light peel required prior this treatment to ensure bets results

Hydrating Facial    $99.00

Relax and get hydrated. This is a 50 minutes treatment


Oxygen Spot Tx Blast    $35.00


Chin Wax   $8.00

Lip Wax   $8.00


Full Face Wax    $48.00


Sideburns Wax   $12.00


Neck Wax    $12.00